Our story

Hôtel Vetements is an artisanal French - Danish love story, which was established in 2017 when the founder Alexandra Hartmann came across old curtains outside a hotel in Paris and a new brand was born. She started to create unique, one of a kind pieces from beautiful, discarded fabrics that carries a story.

With a passion for upcycling, local handcraft, creativity, quality and aesthetics, Hôtel Vetements brings new life to old curtains, upholsteries, handmade embroideries, linens, tablecloths, colorful cotton sheets from south of France and more. Some fabric is dating all the way back to the 1800s like the curtains made of embroidered silk we sourced from the Ritz Hôtel in Paris.

 Working with these materials is a thoughtful process. There is very little waste since the size of the fabric is often a restriction. You need to improvise, use your imagination and work with what you have. It's a process that takes time; it’s simple and complex all at once. It´s like placing pieces of a puzzle together and creating something personal that can be passed on to the next generation like an heirloom.

Everything is handmade in our studio in the heart of Belleville, Paris and in Copenhagen. Leftover fabrics are used to create matching accessories, such as eye masks, scrunchies, and more. Hôtel Vetements explores the art of memory and storytelling through every piece we make.