Our story

Hôtel Vetements is a French-Danish love affair by Alexandra Hartmann. A fashion brand born  out of a wish to revive discarded treasures: vintage fabrics which weave a rich story of fantasy  and craftsmanship. A project about transporting the art of memory and storytelling into delicately  crafted, one-of-a-kind pieces.

Hôtel Vetements was established in 2017, when Alexandra stumbled across old curtains outside  of a hotel in Paris. Just like that, she landed on a vision: to create clothing which captures the  symbolism of the hotel experience through meticulous handicraft. Hôtel Vetements aims to  weave that cinematic essence into every piece we make, and gently pass it along to those who  are drawn to our universe. 

Today, Hôtel Vetements creates wearable heirlooms from forgotten curtains, upholsteries,  handmade embroideries, linens, tablecloths, cotton sheets from Provence and more. When we  source our fabrics, we look for unique, handcrafted pieces of textile. Fabric can be full of  restraints, and working with is often a meticulous and long process. It’s like putting together the  pieces of a puzzle — all to give antique textiles new life and purpose. Some of our fabrics date  all the way back to the 1800s, like embroidered, silk curtains we sourced from the iconic Ritz  Hôtel in Paris. Everything is handmade in our studios — in the heart of Belleville, Paris and in  Copenhagen.

Our philosophy is to respect every piece of fabric for the honest story it tells. For us,  imperfections are testament to a fabric’s inherent poetry — and evidence that the materials we  revive have seen, heard and lived long before we came along. We handpick all of our fabrics  with the intention of making something inimitable. 

We release our collections in limited qualities, waste very little material, and follow what inspires  us — not the trends of the season. 
With a passion for upcycling, artisanal handicraft, quality and aesthetics, Hôtel Vetements  breathes new life into fabrics which still have stories to tell.
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