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A French & Danish love story

Hôtel Vetements is an artisanal French - Danish love story, which was established in 2017 when the founder Alexandra Hartmann came across old curtains outside a hotel in Paris and a new brand was born. She started to create unique, one of a kind pieces from beautiful,discarded fabrics.

The fabrics we use

All fabrics have a story and have been carefully sourced and hand-picked like old embroidered silk curtains that used to belong in the Ritz Hôtel in Paris, or handmade embroidered tablecloths from the 30ties and 40ties, antique cotton lace and appliqué, one of a kind upholstery fabric, velour de Geneve or unique cotton sheets. Some of the fabrics are imperfect, it is part of their journey and their charm.

A Danish/Parisian Brand turning old hotel curtains into one-of-a-kind jackets.

Curtain fabrics like the "Les Jardins de I'Usine" series come from the Ritz Hotel in Paris and can be traced back to the 1850s. Ms. Proust, Hemingway, and Chanel have all frequented the salon of the Ritz Hotel.

Heaven Raven

Hôtel Vetements works with unique textiles from the past and gives them a new meaning.


Hôtel Vetements started in the heart of Paris Belleville. Every piece tells a different story. Everything is handmade locally from start to finish.